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Cold Water Lobster Tails

Cold water tails come from lobsters caught in the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic, off the coasts of New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Cold water tails are generally more consistent in quality with whiter, sweeter meat. If you are planning a recipe that requires more handling of the raw lobster meat, Cold water tails will be more suitable due to the fact that their meat is more firm than the warm water tails.

We generally carry South African, and New Zealand Cold Water tails as well as Cold Water Maine Tails. Tails come mainly in 10# cases and various sizes/grades.

SA or NZ Tails Sizes:
SA KZ 3 oz
SA “H” 4-5 oz
SA “G” 5-6 oz
SA “D” 8-10 oz
SA “C” 10-12 oz
NZ 14-16 oz
NZ 16-20 oz
NZ 20-24 oz
NZ 24-28 oz

Maine Tail Sizes:
4-5 oz
5-6 oz
6-7 oz
8-10 oz
10-12 oz

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